Sales on behalf sells cars, utes and vans on your behalf. 


Too busy or have no interest in selling your vehicle? Moving overseas and wish to keep it until you fly?


You are welcome to pass all that stress and hassle over to me.


I am a licensed motor vehicle trader. I have the sales, negotiation and market analysis skills to sell your vehicle for a fair market price in a timely manner.


The sales fee is inclusive of marketing and storage.


$480 + 5% of the sale price.


Step one: Call, text or email me to see if I can help. 


Step two: Drop off your vehicle and I can run you back to work or home.


Step three: Your vehicle is sold and you are paid in cash or bank transfer, depending on personal preference.


Please leave your current insurance in place and bring your driver's licence.


Don't forget I need any paperwork, receipts, warrant of fitness sheets, manuals or service records you may have relating to your vehicle. I want all and any paperwork you have.


The sales fee is only charged on the sale of your vehicle.