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Frequently asked questions:


I do not understand what you do?

I sell motor vehicles (cars, van and utes) on behalf of the current owner.


Why would I give you my car to sell?

This is an opportunity for you to outsource the stress and hassle of selling your vehicle. I have the skills and experience to sell your vehicle for a fair market price in a timely manner.


Do I have to pay anything upfront?

No, the sales fee is only paid on the sale of your vehicle.


How do I know you will get the best price possible?

Sales on behalf has grown and developed by customers recommending my service to their friends and family. I would like you to recommend my service so rest assured your car will be sold for the best price possible.


What experience do you have?

I have sold over three hundred motor vehicles of varying make, model, age and condition. Sale prices have ranged from $300 to $121,000.


My car is only worth a couple of thousand dollars, would you like to sell it?

I would love to sell your car.